Naomi & Nicole Shapewear
Naomi & Nicole are a bestselling contemporary shapewear brand featuring light fabrics and comfortable compression with the unique patented Wonderful Edge® finishing. A silicone finish placed at the leg openings, waists, tops, and bottoms of the product, Wonderful Edge® prevents all of these garments from riding up, rolling down, and producing embarrassing lumps and bumps. Applied directly to our fabrics without the need for seams or elastics, it remains invisible under all types of fashions. And since it incorporates many distinct rows of silicone that stretch with our fabrics, rather than just a single, rigid band, the Wonderful Edge® is surprisingly breathable, cool, and comfortable.

Choosing a good foundation garment will ensure that clothes hang on your shape more fluidly, your posture is better and with better posture your confidence is high and improved silhouette results in your feeling much better all round.

Available with varying control levels across the Naomi & Nicole collections, is a great choice for the contemporary customer wanting to look her best.